Fix ResolverTest.ConnectTlsServerTimeout broken

The test is not compatible with a newer DnsResolver which gets
the flag from an Experiments class rather than from system properties.

Bug: 175900450
Test: ResolverTest.ConnectTlsServerTimeout
Ignore-AOSP-First: This test in internal master has the fix already
Change-Id: Ie856b1fdbd7069cae1c78989813e96073b69cd01
Merged-In: Iabfc14ad6b525e4cdc26f9fee83742acaee881e0
diff --git a/tests/resolv_integration_test.cpp b/tests/resolv_integration_test.cpp
index 95b5a5c..1e65007 100644
--- a/tests/resolv_integration_test.cpp
+++ b/tests/resolv_integration_test.cpp
@@ -4121,6 +4121,9 @@
     // The resolver will adjust the timeout value to 1000ms since the value is too small.
     ScopedSystemProperties scopedSystemProperties(kDotConnectTimeoutMsFlag, "100");
+    // Re-setup test network to make experiment flag take effect.
+    resetNetwork();
     // Set up resolver to opportunistic mode with the default configuration.
     const ResolverParamsParcel parcel = DnsResponderClient::GetDefaultResolverParamsParcel();