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// This test exists only because the jni_libs list for these tests is difficult to
// maintain: the test itself only depends on libnetworkstatsfactorytestjni, but the test
// fails to load that library unless *all* the dependencies of that library are explicitly
// listed in jni_libs. This means that whenever any of the dependencies changes the test
// starts failing and breaking presubmits in frameworks/base. We cannot easily put
// FrameworksNetTests into global presubmit because they are at times flaky, but this
// test is effectively empty beyond validating that the libraries load correctly, and
// thus should be stable enough to put in global presubmit.
// TODO: remove this hack when there is a better solution for jni_libs that includes
// dependent libraries.
package {
// See: http://go/android-license-faq
default_applicable_licenses: ["Android-Apache-2.0"],
android_test {
name: "FrameworksNetSmokeTests",
defaults: ["FrameworksNetTests-jni-defaults"],
srcs: ["java/"],
test_suites: ["device-tests"],
static_libs: [