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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Broadcom Corporation
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
<bool name="pbap_include_photos_in_vcard">true</bool>
<bool name="pbap_use_profile_for_owner_vcard">true</bool>
<!-- If true, we will require location to be enabled on the device to
fire Bluetooth LE scan result callbacks in addition to having one
of the location permissions. -->
<bool name="strict_location_check">true</bool>
<!-- Specifies the min/max connection interval parameters for high priority,
balanced and low power GATT configurations. These values are in
multiples of 1.25ms. -->
<integer name="gatt_high_priority_min_interval">9</integer>
<integer name="gatt_high_priority_max_interval">12</integer>
<!-- Default specs recommended interval is 30 (24 * 1.25) -> 50 (40 * 1.25)
ms. -->
<integer name="gatt_balanced_priority_min_interval">24</integer>
<integer name="gatt_balanced_priority_max_interval">40</integer>
<integer name="gatt_low_power_min_interval">80</integer>
<integer name="gatt_low_power_max_interval">100</integer>
<!-- Specifies latency parameters for high priority, balanced and low power
GATT configurations. These values represents the number of packets a
peripheral device is allowed to skip. -->
<integer name="gatt_high_priority_latency">0</integer>
<integer name="gatt_balanced_priority_latency">0</integer>
<integer name="gatt_low_power_latency">2</integer>
<bool name="headset_client_initial_audio_route_allowed">true</bool>
<!-- @deprecated: use a2dp_absolute_volume_initial_threshold_percent
instead. -->
<integer name="a2dp_absolute_volume_initial_threshold">8</integer>
<!-- AVRCP absolute volume initial value as percent of the maximum value.
Valid values are in the interval [0, 100].
Recommended value is 50. -->
<integer name="a2dp_absolute_volume_initial_threshold_percent">50</integer>
<!-- For A2DP sink ducking volume feature. -->
<integer name="a2dp_sink_duck_percent">25</integer>
<!-- If true, device requests audio focus and start avrcp updates on source start or play -->
<bool name="a2dp_sink_automatically_request_audio_focus">false</bool>
<!-- For enabling the AVRCP Controller Cover Artwork feature -->
<bool name="avrcp_controller_enable_cover_art">true</bool>
<!-- For enabling browsed cover art with the AVRCP Controller Cover Artwork feature -->
<bool name="avrcp_controller_cover_art_browsed_images">false</bool>
<!-- For enabling the hfp client connection service -->
<bool name="hfp_client_connection_service_enabled">false</bool>
<!-- For supporting emergency call through the hfp client connection service -->
<bool name="hfp_client_connection_service_support_emergency_call">false</bool>
<!-- Enabling autoconnect over pan -->
<bool name="config_bluetooth_pan_enable_autoconnect">false</bool>
<!-- Enabling the phone policy -->
<bool name="enable_phone_policy">true</bool>
<!-- Configuring priorities of A2DP source codecs. Larger value means
higher priority. Value -1 means the codec is disabled.
Value 0 is reserved and should not be used here. Enabled codecs
should have priorities in the interval [1, 999999], and each priority
value should be unique. -->
<integer name="a2dp_source_codec_priority_sbc">1001</integer>
<integer name="a2dp_source_codec_priority_aac">2001</integer>
<integer name="a2dp_source_codec_priority_aptx">3001</integer>
<integer name="a2dp_source_codec_priority_aptx_hd">4001</integer>
<integer name="a2dp_source_codec_priority_ldac">5001</integer>
<integer name="a2dp_source_codec_priority_lc3">6001</integer>
<!-- For enabling the AVRCP Target Cover Artowrk feature-->
<bool name="avrcp_target_enable_cover_art">true</bool>
<!-- Enable support for URI based images. Off by default due to increased memory usage -->
<bool name="avrcp_target_cover_art_uri_images">false</bool>
<!-- Package that is responsible for user interaction on pairing request,
success or cancel.
- BluetootDevice.ACTION_PAIRING_CANCEL on bond failure
- BluetoothDevice.ACTION_PAIRING_REUQEST on pin request
- BluetootDevice.ACTION_BOND_STATE_CHANGED on pairing request and success
- BluetoothDevice.ACTION_CONNECTION_ACCESS_REQUEST on access requests
- BluetoothDevice.ACTION_CONNECTION_ACCESS_CANCEL to cancel access requests -->
<string name="pairing_ui_package"></string>
<!-- Flag whether or not to keep polling AG with CLCC for call information every 2 seconds -->
<bool name="hfp_clcc_poll_during_call">true</bool>
<!-- Time delay in milliseconds between consecutive polling AG with CLCC for call info -->
<integer name="hfp_clcc_poll_interval_during_call">2000</integer>
<!-- Package that is providing the exposure notification service -->
<string name="exposure_notification_package"></string>
<!-- Enabling Gabeldorsche up to the scanning layer, including
- BLE scanning
- BLE advertising
- ACL connection management
- Controller information management
- HCI layer
- HAL interface layer
- Other required GD components like config storage
<bool name="enable_gd_up_to_scanning_layer">true</bool>
<!-- Package of fastpair service -->
<string name="peripheral_link_package"></string>
<!-- Service name of fastpair-->
<string name="peripheral_link_service">.nearby.discovery.service.DiscoveryService</string>
<!-- Max number of Bluetooth tethering connections allowed. If this is
updated config_tether_dhcp_range has to be updated appropriately. -->
<integer translatable="false" name="config_max_pan_devices">5</integer>
<!-- Whether supported profiles should be reloaded upon enabling bluetooth -->
<bool name="config_bluetooth_reload_supported_profiles_when_enabled">false</bool>
<!-- Max number of connected audio devices supported by Bluetooth stack -->
<integer name="config_bluetooth_max_connected_audio_devices">5</integer>
<!-- Boolean indicating if current platform supports HFP inband ringing -->
<bool name="config_bluetooth_hfp_inband_ringing_support">true</bool>