Update the dictionaries

This brings the dictionaries to the same level as
master. The change in master reflected by this
change is I94fe7f8f.

- XML de dict :
  Update header only.
- XML en dict :
  Add the not_a_word flag to all whitelist entries.
  Demote "il:92" and "shel:52" to freq 0.
- XML en_GB dict :
  Add the not_a_word flag to all whitelist entries.
  Add "milk:122" and "practice:143"
- XML fr dict :
  Add missing words : "Nostradamus:40" "défendais:30"
  "gmail:50" "générale:140" "hm:0" "hmm:0" "y'en:130"
  "l'apocalypse:31" "m'épuise:30" "recontacter:80"
  Set freq of non-word shortcuts for digraphs to 1 instead
  of 0, allowing to gesture them.
- XML ru dict :
  Remove a lot of two-character non-words.

- Binary de dict :
  Remove the obsolete "options" header, and add the "dictionary"
- Binary en dict :
  Flag "hoe" "hoes" "il" "shel" as non-words.
  Also drop freq of "il" and "shel" to 0
  Add the "locale" header that was missing.
- Binary es dict :
  Add the "dictionary" header.
- Binary fr dict :
  Add the same words as above. Non-word shortcuts were already
  set to 1.
- Binary it dict :
  Add a "dictionary" header. Also change freq of
  "Šarapova" from 50 to 37; not sure why it was 50.
- Binary pt_BR dict :
  Add a "dictionary" header.
- Binary ru dict :
  Add a "dictionary" header and remove the same words as above.

Bug: 7458565
Change-Id: I22dd176ed2df99b847047f2d1045f6d861ccb8b0
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