Don't allow file attachment from file:///data.

Commit 24ed2941ab132e4156bd38f0ab734c81dae8fc2e allows file://
attachment on the /data directory if they are from the same process.

This was done to work around applications that shared their internal
data file. However, this is bad practice, and other apps should share
content:// Uri instead.

With this change, Email doesn't allow this anymore. This fixes
security issue 199888.

Also, add Analytics for these errors
compose_errors > send_intent_attachment > data_dir
Change-Id: I7cae3389f4f7cf5f86600a58c6ccdffaf889d1c3
(cherry picked from commit 6db0bc5ac266ca314e3b6a7ba070d90dc6d74795)
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