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Scripting Layer For Native


Scripting Layer for Native, SL4N, is an automation toolset for calling Android native Binder APIs and accessing the HAL layer in an platform-independent manner. This tool enables remote automation of these layers via ADB.

Build Instructions

Building SL4N requires a system build.

For the initial build of Android:

source build/
lunch aosp_<TARGET>
make [-j15]

where <ANDROID_SOURCE_ROOT> is the root directory of the android tree and <TARGET> is the lunch target name

Then Build SL4N:

cd <ANDROID_SOURCE_ROOT>/packages/apps/Test/connectivity/sl4n
mm [-j15]

Install Instructions

Run the following command:

adb push <ANDROID_SOURCE_ROOT>/out/target/product/<TARGET>/system/bin/sl4n /system/bin

Library dependencies required:

adb push <ANDROID_SOURCE_ROOT>/out/target/product/<TARGET>/system/lib/ /system/lib
adb push <ANDROID_SOURCE_ROOT>/out/target/product/<TARGET>/system/lib/ /system/lib
adb push <ANDROID_SOURCE_ROOT>/out/target/product/<TARGET>/system/lib/ /system/lib

Optional library dependency for running tests that exercise the Bluetoothtbd service:

cd <ANDROID_SOURCE_ROOT>/system/bt/service
mm [-j15]
adb push <ANDROID_SOURCE_ROOT>/out/target/product/<TARGET>/system/bin/bluetoothtbd /system/bin

Run Instructions

a) SL4N is launched from ADB shell; or
b) To enable RPC access from the command prompt:

adb forward tcp:<HOST_PORT_NUM> tcp:<DEVICE_PORT_NUM>
adb shell -c "/system/bin/sl4n" &

where <HOST_PORT_NUM> and <DEVICE_PORT_NUM> are the tcp ports on the host computer and device.