This CL contains testcase cleanup, tescase addition, added documentation, and an api fix.

BluetoothLeScanFacade was not treating the case of a single parameter
and only enforcing the optional parameter.
Fixed library path of
Added test_dual_scans to BugsTest for a stress case with a partner.
Fixed BeaconSwarmTest that wasn't trigering onBatchScanResults
because report delay millis was set to 0. Also added a loop to
trigger multiple onBatchScanResults.
Added new testcases to FilteringTest.
Changed all instance of string concatination using + to join.
Added documentation to UniqueFilteringTest.
Cleaned unnecesary wrapers in ble_helper_functions.

Change-Id: I157e8cec21d2fad7a76612bd4cf900c37fedf725
1 file changed