Tel Test Script: Change Conference according to new utils.

1. Fix a null pointer bug in SL4A. (This bug will cause VoLTE conference call fail.)
2. Fix network generation bug in tel_lookup_tbl.
3. Fix bug in phone_setup_xxx functions. (If phone in airplane mode, it will always fail.)
4. Change Conference Call code accoding to new tel utils.
5. Add 'global' entry in technology_tbl.
6. Add print info in setup_droid_properties.
7. Fix bug in call_setup_teardown.
8. fix bug in num_active_calls.
9. Delete raise exception in verify_incall_state.
10. Add is_phone_in_call_1x for 1x phone test.

Change-Id: Ieabfc63040003445ce9e7a1f8ee5e5760e92302b
1 file changed