Cleanup of some testcases. Addition of some testcases.
Removed print statement in BleAdvertiseApiTest
Created BeaconSwarmTest for raspbi testbed.
Fixed BleAttenuatorTest to work with the new framework.
Added Bugs test to test various bugs. (sandbox area)
Added low latency scanning and advertising for tests
    that don't rely on it. This speeds up many tests.
Changed a mispelling in
Added documentation to these test suites:
    BleScanApiTest, BeaconSwarmTest, BleAttenuatorTest,
Added enums to BleEnum: BluetoothGattCharacteristic,
    BluetoothGattDescriptor, BluetoothGattService

BluetoothGattFacade fixes:
    I was putting an empty string into the onServiceAdded
        callback results. changed to instanceId.
    Method openGattServer was looking for the same value
        twice. Removed the second instance.

Change-Id: I455c4a0e51a2b677ede2998d44f01e71c2a7f037
1 file changed