Update robolectric dependency to v3.6.2.

This is required for support of v53 .class files.

Test: The following tests pass both before and after this CL:
      make RunFrameworksServicesRoboTests RunBluetoothRoboTests \
           RunCarMessengerRoboTests RunKeyChainRoboTests \
Test: The above tests also pass when EXPERIMENTAL_USE_OPENJDK9=true
      (they didn't pass with v3.6.1).
Test: The following tests fail both before and after this CL (error
      trying to mock a final class):
      make RunStorageManagerRoboTests RunEmergencyInfoRoboTests

Bug: 116872534
Change-Id: I16a7bc39bf77d3e029acee945bcf4ab4f6e4e1ca
2 files changed