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Live TV

Live TV is the Open Source reference application for watching TV on Android TVs.

Live TV is a system app for Android TV. It should be compiled with Android TV platform.

How to build:

  1. Enable the feature PackageManager.FEATURE_LIVE_TV.
  2. Put this project under Android platform repository if required.
  3. Include this package inside platform build.
  4. Build the platform.

NOTE: This is a reference application and should not be used with further hardening.

Build just Live Tv

To install LiveTv

echo "Compiling"
m -j LiveTv
echo  "Installing"
adb install -r ${OUT}/system/priv-app/LiveTv/LiveTv.apk

If it is your first time installing LiveTv you will need to do

adb root
adb remount
adb push ${OUT}/system/priv-app/LiveTv/LiveTv.apk /system/priv-app/LiveTv/LiveTv.apk
adb reboot