Check DISALLOW_APPS_CONTROL before performing reset app preferences

When DISALLOW_APPS_CONTROL restriction is enabled, users should not be
able to enable/disable apps, clear app caches and clear app data.

The function of reset app preferences will re-enable the disabled apps,
it can let users bypass DISALLOW_APPS_CONTROL to enable an app disabled
by IT admin to see sensitive information.

To fix this vulnerability, we add a check for DISALLOW_APPS_CONTROL
restriction before users reset app preferences. Once the restriction is
enabled, it will show dialog “Blocked by your IT admin” instead.

Bug: 238745070
Test: Verify change by turning on/off DISALLOW_APPS_CONTROL with TestDPC.
Change-Id: Iffee73cf4952b686a78b4c7aaa54747971337d03
(cherry picked from commit 4356c9c65361481db16c393906bf46d8a0d44ef7)
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