Fix issue #9074296: Device Admins can activate in a way...

...that makes it impossible to deactive/uninstall them

Don't allow device admins to directly launch the add UI if
they are malformed.

(cherry picked from commit 8274b6770219a469ab8a5254206d0d81bd5c96d3)

Changes due to make the cherry-pick apply:
* Replaced PackageManager.GET_DISABLED_UNTIL_USED_COMPONENTS with 0
  in the PackageManager.queryBroadcastReceivers invocation. The above
  constant was introduced in API Level 18 only. DeviceAdminSettings
  class from which this fix was extracted is not passing in the above
  flag when it invokes queryBroadcastReceivers either.

Change-Id: I64d2792cd06bacbd4bfc600a10046d51a9383606
1 file changed