remove primary condition check on storage format.

this change seemed to have been introduced originally
via commit d2a6f28fa7ba8189d2a1987129db27fd840fac0f
as a workaround to fix interoperability problem with MTP,
then commit 8218d3ba180505a52998caa1fd9f6a1647984e7f
seemed to have address this problem.

therefore it looks like removing the original restriction
is in order to allow formating of the sd-card when not
primary storage.

Bug: 11352632
Change-Id: I0419135a607dac08c44a3f30a7ccdcad17c46437
Signed-off-by: Pierre <>
diff --git a/src/com/android/settings/deviceinfo/ b/src/com/android/settings/deviceinfo/
index 4e5bd63..ed5085a 100644
--- a/src/com/android/settings/deviceinfo/
+++ b/src/com/android/settings/deviceinfo/
@@ -205,9 +205,7 @@
-        // Only allow formatting of primary physical storage
-        // TODO: enable for non-primary volumes once MTP is fixed
-        final boolean allowFormat = mVolume != null ? mVolume.isPrimary() : false;
+        final boolean allowFormat = mVolume != null;
         if (allowFormat) {
             mFormatPreference = new Preference(context);