Do not try to initialze the access control enforcer in NFC API

If there is temporary failures in access rules retrieval, Secure Element
service should handle the re-initialization. NFC transactions usually
need to be completed in short time and should not wait for the access
control enforcer re-initialization.

Bug: 186588474
Test: HCE test in CtsVerifier
Change-Id: I6e6dd8c05622ff67f6b75a8a93d0db0d35bc7056
diff --git a/src/com/android/se/ b/src/com/android/se/
index 139390b..d97dd2f 100644
--- a/src/com/android/se/
+++ b/src/com/android/se/
@@ -688,18 +688,10 @@
             // Return if not connected
             return null;
-        // Attempt to initialize the access control enforcer if it failed in the previous attempt
-        // due to a kind of temporary failure or no rule was found.
+        // Return if the access control enforcer failed in previous attempt or no rule was found.
         if (mAccessControlEnforcer == null || mAccessControlEnforcer.isNoRuleFound()) {
-            try {
-                initializeAccessControl();
-                Log.i(mTag, "AccessControlEnforcer initialized");
-                // Just finished to initialize the access control enforcer.
-                // It is too much to check the refresh tag in this case.
-            } catch (Exception e) {
-                Log.i(mTag, "isNfcEventAllowed Exception: " + e.getMessage());
-                return null;
-            }
+            Log.i(mTag, "isNfcEventAllowed: No access rules for checking.");
+            return null;