33388925  Mismatched new vs delete in framesequence library

* The array allocations neglected to include [] so delete, instead
of delete [] would get called.

* Test
- tested sending a large gif that would invoke the GifTranscoder library
to make the gif smaller.

Bug: 33388925
Change-Id: I1e200e470d66ae615ffe9340ff9c049eaa73f63c
(cherry picked from commit 837474a376a4599d57f791966080f93ca7afaf67)
diff --git a/jni/GifTranscoder.cpp b/jni/GifTranscoder.cpp
index a7f5c74..6245538 100644
--- a/jni/GifTranscoder.cpp
+++ b/jni/GifTranscoder.cpp
@@ -144,10 +144,10 @@
     std::vector<GifByteType> srcBuffer(gifIn->SWidth * gifIn->SHeight);
     // Buffer for rendering images from the input GIF.
-    std::unique_ptr<ColorARGB> renderBuffer(new ColorARGB[gifIn->SWidth * gifIn->SHeight]);
+    std::unique_ptr<ColorARGB[]> renderBuffer(new ColorARGB[gifIn->SWidth * gifIn->SHeight]);
     // Buffer for writing new images to output GIF (one row at a time).
-    std::unique_ptr<GifByteType> dstRowBuffer(new GifByteType[gifOut->SWidth]);
+    std::unique_ptr<GifByteType[]> dstRowBuffer(new GifByteType[gifOut->SWidth]);
     // Many GIFs use DISPOSE_DO_NOT to make images draw on top of previous images. They can also
     // use DISPOSE_BACKGROUND to clear the last image region before drawing the next one. We need