Release held mailboxes after policy refresh

* When a sync fails due to a provisioning error (on initial sync
  or after policies are refreshed on the server), sync mailboxes go
  into a "hold" state until the security error is resolved.  Meanwhile,
  the account mailbox handles provisioning.  If this is NOT successful,
  we put a hold on the account and go through the UI steps of setting
  up security on the device.  When this is done, we release the hold on
  the account, which releases the hold on the mailboxes.
* If provisioning IS successful, however, a refresh of the existing
  settings would be an example, we do NOT release the adapters, and
  this is the bug we're seeing.
* This CL simply causes any held mailboxes in a successfully provisioned
  to be released from the hold

Bug: 2865623
Change-Id: I59e780e9bd4ea908182b786dfd0e5851f5bf5f3b
2 files changed