Limit the number of attendees in a synced event

* If there are over 50 attendees in an event, we only store the
  organizer as an attendee (the rest are redacted) and we set
  the hasAttendeeData flag to 0
* If the user is the organizer, we reset the owner of the event
  to a bogus address, which causes the UI to prevent edits to
  the event (we can't upload without losing all of the attendee
  information on the server). We also prevent the event from ever
  being uploaded (belt & suspenders)
* If the user is an attendee, we allow changes to be uploaded
  (this would be attendee status and free/busy), but the list of
  attendees on the server is removed.
* We also mark events with redacted attendees, even though we don't
  use that information currently.  In a future version, however,
  we could use this to indicate the redacted state to the user.

Bug: 2709816
Change-Id: I2b44af59c598cedf906af12bf9b4eaf7484b9d20
1 file changed