Fix problem w/ sync of large calendars (never syncs)

* While working w/ Microsoft on this issue, we determined that Windows
  Mobile 6.0 does not suffer from this issue; when we compared our
  logs with those from the WM client, we noticed a difference in the
  commands being sent to the server on initial  sync (we send some extra
  options whereas WM doesnot)
* As an experiment, I removed these options from the initial
  sync, and this change solved the problem with a persistently unsyncable
  account (time to receive: 60-70 seconds vs. > 240 seconds).
* The fix is to remove all "options" from the initial sync for a given
  collection (i.e. with SyncKey=0)
* Note that Microsoft's documentation does not generally address the issue
  of what should/should not be sent in an initial sync command

Bug: 2569162
Change-Id: I69642cc0097296956029485abb85ac750303c865
1 file changed