Handle provisioning of EAS 14.0

* EAS 14.0 requires a different procedure for sending device
  information than does EAS 14.1
* Sadly, this new procedure is fairly incompatible with the way
  we create/provision accounts, as it requires us to finish
  provisioning BEFORE sending device information and yet
  treating the result as part of the provisioning process
* This is particularly clumsy for us, since we do not normally
  finish provisioning during account validation (we do it after
  the account has been created).
* The present CL includes some patches that enable EAS 14.0
  provisioning to work properly, at least in the most common
  cases; additional testing will be required to determine
  whether we're covering all of the bases

Bug: 5494233
Change-Id: I99c290a7d2b49b600446b4a40339efaae1cb1aac
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