Backport: Handle "Allow non-provisionable devices" properly

* Backport from master branch
* Send policy key of "0" when validating; this gets us the policies
  even if "Allow..." is enabled (currently, we simply don't see the
* If we don't support all of the policies, send back the response
  code indicating support for partial support.  If we get a positive
  response back, then we're good to go - the server allows devices
  with partial support.  Otherwise, we fail as we always have - with
  the toast indicating that the device doesn't support required
* Remove PolicySet.isSupported() and ensure proper field ranges
  within the constructor
* Update tests as appropriate

Bug: 2759782
Change-Id: Ida5663a9b35c75ecc61a5f442be0bd60b433cb73
4 files changed