Changes to EAS: attachments, HTML text, and sending mail (without atts)

* Added HTML support for Exchange 2007 and later
* Modified MessageView to show HTML parts of body (if present)
* Replace some unused convenience methods in Body to be ones that are more
  useful (i.e. retrive body for a given message id)
* Made EAS sending operational
* Updated SyncManager to recognize the creation of new messages and check
  for work to be done (i.e. starting Outbox sync)
* Modified MessageView to remove EmailContent.X references
* Also changed the pattern EmailContent.getContent(cursor, class) to the better
  new ClassName().restore(cursor)
* Add a test of the utility to determine mime type from file name (since
  EAS doesn't provide this with attachment header information)
* Fixed bug in ProviderTestUtils in which the base (EmailContent) fields weren't
  being checked for equality in the various subclass equality testers.  Fixed a
  bug in saving emails that was caught by fixing this bug.
10 files changed