AOSP/Email - bug fix: do not allow composing message with hidden private data attachments.

Ported/merged thefollowing from CL

original file:

aosp's version:

Change description from the above CL:
  "Switch intent filtering to be whitelist based rather than blacklist based.

   ComposeActivityGmailExternal should whitelist what extras we allow in.
   This is a very belated follow up to cl/235253805 where I wrote a quick fix
   as a blacklist based solution."

Bug: 127320867

Test: manual - Ran the following tests on Pixel phone. Tested the email UI.

$ make -j 40
  -rw-r--r-- 1 rtenneti primarygroup 6375626 May  5 19:49 out/target/product/marlin/system/product/app/Email/Email.apk

$ make UnifiedEmailTests -j
  -rw-r--r-- 1 rtenneti primarygroup 311703 May  5 20:04 out/target/product/marlin/testcases/UnifiedEmailTests/arm64/UnifiedEmailTests.apk

$ make EmailTests -j
  -rw-r--r-- 1 rtenneti primarygroup 365023 May 13 14:39 out/target/product/marlin/testcases/EmailTests/arm64/EmailTests.apk

$ adb install -r out/target/product/marlin/system/product/app/Email/Email.apk
$ adb install -r out/target/product/marlin/testcases/EmailTests/arm64/EmailTests.apk
$ adb install -r out/target/product/marlin/testcases/UnifiedEmailTests/arm64/UnifiedEmailTests.apk

$ adb shell am instrument -w
  Time: 3.519
  OK (157 tests)

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Merged-In: I5f6541ceb79a1a1c598d0c8207e3cab98d1a8ac5
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