Fix an infinitely retrying download problem

If an attachment download fails due to a timeout, or
an exception being thrown from startDownload(), we'd call
cancelDownload() on it. But this didn't actually cancel,
it would remove it from the inProgres list, but leave it
in the list of all downloads, so we'd immediately retry it.
This is bad for two reasons:
1. It can starve out other attachment downloads that could
have been successful.
2. It will keep attempting to do network work, even if it's
hopeless, forever, draining battery.
Now, if an attachment download fails in this way, for the first
few times, we'll move it to the tail end of the list of
downloads we'd like to perform. If it fails more than 10 times,
we'll give up completely. Giving up is not permanent, if we
have a reason to attempt a download again (such as the user
tapping on it), then it will get added back to the download
service and retried.

Change-Id: I5364a7d8b4b25ce299b8dcf061db6e9ce12daf75
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