AOSP/DeskClock - Add Kotlin for Tab related UI Data files

Test: manual - Tested the DeskClock UI and tab interactions. As well,
unit tests were run as follows

$ source build/
$ lunch aosp_sargo-userdebug
$ make DeskClockKotlin
$ adb install out/target/product/sargo/product/app/DeskClockKotlin/DeskClockKotlin.apk
$ make DeskClockTests
$ adb install out/target/product/sargo/testcases/DeskClockTests/arm64/DeskClockTests.apk
$ adb shell am instrument -w`

BUG: 157255731
Change-Id: Ibd7871edf20e548a1cd548246f0a6be88f5cfb88
6 files changed