[DO NOT MERGE] Rollup changes from R

This change includes the following commits from internal R branch:

7a7578a Remove config_auto_cert_approval from CertInstaller
313c05a Unify manual and programmatic key installation flows
91a7c21 Added functionality to select type of certificate to be installed from the Settings app
2e6c20e Confirm credential after warning dialog when installing CA certificate
ffac486 Separated flow when installing different certificate types
2138394 Created dialogs when installing certificates outside Settings
d5aa3c3 Added invalid certificate dialog
adecd13 Updated WiFi certificate flow
5d14580 Add an exported flag in manifest
10d9c4f Fix strings for certificate installation in CertInstaller
8df978d Modify name certificate dialog
9cdfff2 Install WiFi certificate from Files app
c43d233 [WifiInstaller] Remove Passpoint profile before installing
2411689 Prevent guest user from installing credentials
a9ec06a Update CertInstaller message to include app name.

Bug: 161347472
Test: builds & manual testing
Change-Id: I01a48a7d91c40a83db1f21b29c0d8df2724604c7
11 files changed
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