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See build/soong/ for more information.

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Car test apps

This repository is only for car test applications.


If you are not contributing to the repo, you can clone the repo via git clone sso://googleplex-android/platform/packages/apps/Car/tests --branch pi-car-dev --single-branch. Otherwise, see workstation setup.

Install Android Studio. Then import the tests Gradle project into Android Studio.


TestMediaApp should be one of the run configurations. The green Run button should build and install the app on your phone.

To see TestMediaApp in Android Auto Projected:

  1. Open Android Auto on phone
  2. Click hamburger icon at top left -> Settings
  3. Scroll to Version at bottom and tap ~10 times to unlock Developer Mode
  4. Click kebab icon at top right -> Developer settings
  5. Scroll to bottom and enable “Unknown sources”
  6. Exit and re-open Android Auto
  7. TestMediaApp should now be visible (click headphones icon in phone app to see app picker)


Workstation setup

Install repo command line tool. Then run:

sudo apt-get install gitk
sudo apt-get install git-gui
repo init -u persistent- -b pi-car-dev -g name:platform/tools/repohooks,name:platform/packages/apps/Car/tests --depth=1
repo sync

Making a change

repo start BRANCH_NAME .
# Make some changes
git gui &
# Use GUI to create a CL. Check amend box to update a work-in-progress CL
repo upload .