Android Automotive ‘Chassis’ library

Components and resources designed to increase Automotive UI consistency between GAS (Google Automotive Services) apps, system-apps and OEM developed apps.

See: go/aae-carui


Components and resources designed to be configured by means of RRO (Runtime Resource Overlays) by OEMs.


This library is developed in Gerrit and copied as source to Google3 using Copybara (go/copybara).

Source: /packages/apps/Car/libs/car-ui-lib Target: //google3/third_party/java/android_libs/android_car_chassis_lib

Here is the process for updating this library:

  1. Develop, test and upload changes to Gerrit
  2. On Google3, run ‘./ review ’ (with being your Gerrit CL #) and test your changes
  3. Repeat #1 and #2 until your changes look okay on both places.
  4. Back on Gerrit, submit your CL.
  5. Back on Google3, run ‘./ manual’ submit

TODO: Automate this process using CaaS (in progress)