PBAP: Clean up SDP record when closing service

* PBAP SDP record was never cleaned up when PBAP service is closed,
  resulting in stacked SDP records for PBAP.
* This CL groups cleanup statements into one method and calls it during
  onAcceptFailed() and closeService()
* onAcceptFailed() will clean up SDP, shutdown server sockets before
  starting a new server socket again
* startSocketListeners() will fail if SDP record already exist before it
  starts, caller is responsible in cleaning up the SDP record
* Also, if SDP record is valid, mAdapter should never be null and the
  check is unnecessary.

Bug: 67381100
Test: Pair with car kit and repeatly toggle Bluetooth ON/OFF
Change-Id: Ibff32289ca3e082b2a56f79d99c0e8dded728b83
1 file changed