MAP: Add MNS SDP Search during setNotificationRegistration.

Verified with remote MCE device that starts MNS server
only before issuing setNotification Registration to MSE.

Use Case:
1. Discover and Pair with MSE from MCE.
2. Connect to MSE on Mas insance 0.
3. Enable Notification Registration for MAS Instance 0

MNS connection happens over RFCOMM
and MAS Instance is connected over L2CAP.

Root Cause:
Current design performs MNS SDP search only at the time
of successful MAS Instance Connect. MNS connect implementation
tries connection over insecure RFCOMM channel based on UUID
when MNS Server record is not available.

Add implementation to check and perform MNS SDP search
if this info is not available when MCE requests
setNotificationRegistration. This fix is required to
handle MCE implementation that start MNS Sever and
expose SDP only before sending setNotificationRegistration.

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