PBAPS: Fix duplicate entries fetched from database

Have multple contacts with either same number or name in DUT

Steps to reproduce:
1. Perform BT pairing from DUT->RD<1>
2. Search for name from remote.

Expected Result:
Single entry with the name should be returned

Actual Result:
Single name entry with different numbers are duplicating

This patch will remove the duplicate entries having same handle
and name fetched from the database sometimes. The check was
there in the stock code but that was not sufficient and was
comparing with the previous value only if these are duplicates
and not with the whole list. I have updated this check to
compare the fetched value if the exact duplicate value
(same ID and NAME) is present in the final list of contacts
which is to be returned.

Change-Id: If32526076baed813d39ce298c307196b63bc46fd
1 file changed