Broadcast UUIDS on BT state transition to ON

Use case: Phone and media connection is not happening
after BT reset during swapping between the HeadSet.

1. WIFI should be on and connected with AP.

1. Pair and connect from DUT to PLT legend device.
2. Make an Mobile originated (MO) call.
3. Pair and connect from DUT to sony carkit.
4. Swap connection between PLT legend and sony carkit.
5. During swapping turn OFF BT from DUT.
6. Turn ON DUT and wait for auto connection from DUT.
7. Repeat step from 4-6 10 times.

Failure: Failed to connect with HS.

Root cause: Broadcarst UUIDS on receiving the on event
from lower layers even though the state is not
transitioned to ON.

Fix: Broadcast UUIDS on BT state is transitioned to ON
to avoid timing issues related UUIDS.

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