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Hotfix r11c

Hotfix r11b

  • actually works now. Had regressed entirely:
  • ndk-gdb works on Mac again:
  • Added more top level shortcuts for command line tools:
    • ndk-depends
    • ndk-gdb
    • ndk-stack
    • ndk-which (was previously missing entirely)
  • Fixed standalone toolchains for libc++, which were missing __cxxabi_config.h.
  • Fixed help documenation for --toolchain in
  • Note that __thread doesn't actually work as r11 had claimed. The version of Clang we currently ship is missing a bugfix for emulated TLS support.


  • PSA: Everyone should be switching to Clang.
  • Clang has been updated to 3.8svn (r243773, build 2481030).
    • Note that this is now a nearly pure upstream clang.
    • Also note that Clang packaged in the Windows 64 NDK is actually 32-bit.
  • Support for emulated TLS.
    • __thread is now supported by the compiler by emulating ELF TLS with pthread thread-specific data.
    • C++11 thread_local will work in some cases, but will not work for data with non-trivial destructors except when running on Marshmallow (android-23) or newer because those cases require support from libc.
    • Does not yet work with Aarch64 when TLS variables are accessed from a shared library.


  • GCC in the NDK is now deprecated.
    • Time to start using Clang if you haven’t already. If you have problems with Clang, please file bugs!
    • The NDK will not be upgrading to 5.x, nor will we be accepting non-critical backports.
    • Maintenance for miscompiles and internal compiler errors in 4.9 will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • GCC 4.8 has been removed. All targets now use GCC 4.9.
  • Synchronized with google/gcc-4_9 to r224707 (from r214835).


  • The samples are no longer included in the NDK. They are instead available on GitHub.
  • The documentation is no longer included in the NDK. It is instead available on the Android Developer website.
  • Make ARM standalone toolchains default to arm7.
    • The old behavior can be restored by passing -target armv5te-linux-androideabi.
  • Use -isystem for platform includes.
    • Warnings caused by bionic will no longer break app builds.
  • Fixed segfault when throwing exceptions via gabi++ (see
  • Change libc++’s inline namespace to std::__ndk1 to prevent ODR issues with platform libc++.
  • Support for mips64r2 has been partially dropped. The rest will be dropped in the future.
  • All libc++ libraries are now built with libc++abi.
  • Bump default APP_PLATFORM to Gingerbread.
    • Expect support for Froyo and older to be dropped in a future release.
  • Updated gabi++ _Unwind_Exception struct for 64 bits.
  • cpufeatures: Detect SSE4.1 and SSE4.2 as well.
  • cpufeatures: Detect cpu features on x86_64 as well.
  • Update libc++abi to upstream r231075.
  • Added native tracing API to android-23.
  • Added native multinetwork API to android-23.
  • byteswap.h, endian.h, sys/procfs.h, sys/ucontext.h, sys/user.h, and uchar.h have all been updated from ToT Bionic.
  • sys/cdefs.h has been synchronized across all API levels.
  • Support for _WCHAR_IS_8BIT has been removed.
  • Fixed fegetenv and fesetenv for arm
  • Fix end pointer size/alignment of crtend_* for mips64 and x86_64
  • Removed sed.
  • Removed mclinker.
  • Removed Perl.
  • Removed symbols which are not exported by the current platform libc/m/dl from all versions of NDK libc/m/dl
  • libc/m/dl provide versioned symbols starting with v21
  • Added Vulkan headers and library to API level 24.


  • Unified binutils source between Android and ChromiumOS.
  • For full details see
  • Gold for aarch64 should now be much more reliable. Use -fuse-ld=gold at link time to use gold instead of bfd. The default will likely switch in the next release.
  • Good linking time improvement for huge binaries for Gold ARM backend (up to 50% linking time reduction for debuggable Chrome Browser).
  • New option: --pic-veneer.
  • The 32-bit Windows package no longer contains It is available in the 64-bit package.
    • Current gold no longer builds when targeting 32-bit Windows (causes internal compiler failures in mingw).


  • gdb has been updated to version 7.10.
  • ndk-gdb has been removed in favor of
  • has been significantly rewritten.
    • Performance should be somewhat better.
    • Error messages have been significantly improved.
    • Relative project paths should always work now.
    • Ctrl-C no longer kills the backgrounded gdbserver.
    • Improve Windows support.


  • Yasm has been updated to version 1.3.0.

Known Issues

  • This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all outstanding bugs.
  • x86 ASAN does not currently work. See discussion on
  • The combination of Clang, x86, stlport_static, and optimization levels higher than -O0 causes test failures with dynamic_cast. See
  • Exception handling will often fail when using c++_shared on ARM32. The root cause is incompatibility between the LLVM unwinder used by libc++abi for ARM32 and libgcc. This is not a regression from r10e.
  • The version of Clang we're shipping is missing a bugfix for emulated TLS. This is already fixed for r12.