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Android Native Development Kit (NDK)
Welcome, this NDK is designed to allow Android application developers
to include native code in their Android application packages, compiled
as JNI shared libraries.
See docs/CHANGES.html for a list of changes since the previous release.
A high-level overview of the NDK's features and limitations can be found
in docs/OVERVIEW.html. Please read this document as it contains crucial
information for correct usage.
See docs/STABLE-APIS.html for the list of frozen binary APIs exposed by
this NDK, as well as the corresponding system image versions that support
Before using the NDK, you will need to follow the steps described by
docs/INSTALL.html which lists the NDK prerequisites and the steps needed
to set it up properly on your machine.
We recommend developers to make themselves familiar with JNI concepts. Also
note that the NDK is *not* a good way to write non-JNI native code for the
Android platform.
See docs/HOWTO.html for a few useful tips and tricks when using the NDK.
See docs/SYSTEM-ISSUES.html for a list of important issues related to
the Android system images that all NDK developers should be aware of.
Finally, discussions related to the Android NDK happen on the public
"android-ndk" forum located at the following address: