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  • ndk-build will default to using Clang in r13. GCC will be removed in a later release.
  • will be removed in r13. Make sure suits your needs.



  • Removed support for the armeabi-v7a-hard ABI. See the explanation in the documentation.
  • Removed all sysroots for pre-GB platform levels. We dropped support for them in r11, but neglected to actually remove them.
  • Exception handling when using c++_shared on ARM32 now mostly works (see Known Issues). The unwinder will now be linked into each linked object rather than into libc++ itself.
  • Default compiler flags have been pruned:
  • Added a Python implementation of standalone toolchains: build/tools/
    • Windows users: you no longer need Cygwin to use this feature.
    • We'll be removing the bash flavor in r13, so test the new one now.
  • -fno-limit-debug-info has been enabled by default for Clang debug builds. This should improve debugability with LLDB.
  • --build-id is now enabled by default.
    • This will be shown in native crash reports so you can easily identify which version of your code was running.
  • NDK_USE_CYGPATH should no longer cause problems with libgcc:
  • -Wl,--warn-shared-textrel and-Wl,--fatal-warnings are now enabled by default. If you have shared text relocations, your app will not load on Marshmallow or later (and have never been allowed for 64-bit apps).
  • Precompiled headers should work better: and
  • Unreachable ARM (non-thumb) STL libraries have been removed.
  • Added Vulkan support to android-24.
  • Added Choreographer API to android-24.
  • Added libcamera2 APIs for devices with INFO_SUPPORTED_HARDWARE_LEVEL_LIMITED or above (see Camera Characteristics).


  • Clang has been updated to 3.8svn (r256229, build 2812033).
    • Note that Clang packaged in the Windows 64-bit NDK is actually 32-bit.
  • __thread should work for real this time.



  • “Erratum 843419 found and fixed” info messages are silenced.
  • Introduced option ‘--long-plt’ to fix internal linker error when linking huge arm32 binaries.
  • Fixed wrong run time stubs for AArch64. This was causing jump addresses to be calculated incorrectly for very large DSOs.
  • Introduced default option ‘--no-apply-dynamic’ to work around a dynamic linker bug for earlier Android releases.
  • NDK r11 KI for dynamic_cast not working with Clang, x86, stlport_static and optimization has been fixed.


Known Issues

  • This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all outstanding bugs.
  • x86 ASAN still does not work. See discussion on
  • Exception unwinding with c++_shared still does not work for ARM on Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Bionic headers and libraries for Marshmallow and N are not yet exposed despite the presence of android-24. Those platforms are still the Lollipop headers and libraries (not a regression from r11).
  • RenderScript tools are not present (not a regression from r11):