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For Android Studio issues, follow the docs on the Android Studio site.


  • The deprecated headers have been removed. Unified Headers are now simply The Headers.

    For migration tips, see Unified Headers Migration Notes.

  • GCC is no longer supported. It will not be removed from the NDK just yet, but is no longer receiving backports. It cannot be removed until after libc++ has become stable enough to be the default, as some parts of gnustl are still incompatible with Clang. It will be removed when the other STLs are removed in r18.

  • libc++ is out of beta and is now the preferred STL in the NDK. Starting in r17, libc++ is the default STL for CMake and standalone toolchains. If you manually selected a different STL, we strongly encourage you to move to libc++. For more details, see this blog post. TODO: Create blog post.

  • Support for ARM5 (armeabi) is deprecated. It will no longer build by default with ndk-build, but is still buildable if it is explicitly named, and will be included by “all” and “all32”.

    Both CMake and ndk-build will issue a warning if you target this ABI.


  • ndk-build and CMake now link libatomic by default. Manually adding -latomic to your ldflags should no longer be necessary.
  • Clang static analyzer support for ndk-build has been fixed to work with Clang as a compiler. See


Known Issues

  • This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all outstanding bugs.
  • gabi++ (and therefore stlport) binaries can segfault when built for armeabi:
  • MIPS64 must use the integrated assembler. Clang defaults to using binutils rather than the integrated assmebler for this target. ndk-build and cmake handle this for you, but make sure to use -fintegrated-as for MIPS64 for custom build systems. See