Contributing to the Android NDK

This guide will help you contribute to the Android NDK, whether by reporting issue or submitting a patch.

Reporting Issues

Our bug tracker is hosted on GitHub:

Note: Bugs against Android Studio or Gradle should be filed at, not here.

Before filing a bug, check that you are using the latest version of the NDK. The latest stable version and the preview release of the next stable version are listed on our wiki:

Submitting Patches

While we use GitHub for our bug tracking and documentation, we do not manage our code in GitHub. Like the rest of Android, we are hosted in AOSP. This means that patches are uploaded to and submitted via Gerrit.

Follow the contribution instructions for AOSP. When you run repo init, follow the instructions in the NDK's We have a different set of dependencies than AOSP, also noted in our

Instructions for building the NDK and running our tests are documented in and Note that the NDK cannot be built on Windows; only Linux and Darwin hosts are supported.

Check the OWNERS file for reviewers.

The NDK uses TreeHugger as a presubmit service (think of it as Travis for Gerrit). If you‘re a Googler, TreeHugger will check your change automatically when you upload it. If you’re not a Googler, you'll need to get a Googler to approve the change for you before TreeHugger will run it.