Remove LISA repositories from the manifest

The LISA project added to the Android tree was an attempt to see if LISA
being within the Android tree would help folks who depend on tools like
Monsoon or systrace that are present within the Android tree. While we
initially had a lot of users, it appears most users have now switched to
doing other projects that donot need LISA tools. And other users have
local checkouts of LISA outside of the Android tree that they use. I
thus see no point in spending disk space of all Android checkouts since
some LISA repositories can take space due to notebook files, so I am
removing them from the manifest. Those who are using LISA can either
checkout these repositories manually into their Android trees, or have
their own clones of these projects (which can be cloned from github).
The github clones though wont have the LISA enhancements that were made.

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