Update sun.net to OpenJDK8u121-b13.

Before this CL, that package was based on OpenJDK7u40. This CL
integrates the upstream changes up to 8u121-b13.

The following changes are noteworthy;

Bug fixes:
 JarURLConnection: minor fix (no test added)
 FtpURLConnection: fix for NPE when attempting to log in
   with null password. A regression test is added.

Logic changes or reimplementations:
  DefaultProxySelector: Changes around NoProxy hosts logic
   - represent nphosts as Pattern rather than RegexpPool
   - extract utility methods relating to that Pattern
   - NoProxy configuration for SOCKS (defaults to no proxy for localhost addresses)
   - No test was added for the SOCKS changes, since SOCKS proxy
     logic overall is not currently covered by tests (bug 35867657).

  IPAddressUtil: Reimplementation of textToNumericFormatV4()
     - An Android change to the old version of that method was
       replaced with a new change on top of the new implementation.
     - The test that was added passes both before and after this CL.

New upstream code that is not used on Android and commented out:
  URLUtil: Android doesn't support SecurityMAnager, so Permissions code
    is unused.

Bug: 38027507
Test: CtsLibcoreTestCases
Change-Id: I0f3ea18f57b4270e64b0c71138b424bd17c8af16
13 files changed