Run Caliper benchmark tests using vogar on a rooted device

  • It uses the Caliper library developed by Google.
  • Vogar source codes can be found at external/vogar.
  1. Preparation
# vogar requires
m vogar
# remount if you haven't done so.
adb root && adb remount && adb reboot && adb wait-for-device root
cd libcore/benchmarks/src

Extra options to reduce noise:

adb shell stop # to kill frameworks and zygote
  1. Run an individual test
vogar --benchmark benchmarks/regression/

The source code of the tests can be found at src/benchmarks/

Run Jetpack benchmark tests

Docs about Jetpack Benchmark can be found at

  1. Preparation

To lock CPU clocks on a rooted device, run the script provided at

  1. Run an individual test
atest LibcoreBenchmarkTests:libcore.benchmark.FormatterTest#stringFormatNumber_allLocales

The source code of the tests can be found at src_androidx/libcore/benchmark/

Outdated documentation / Not working

###VM Options

The VM‘s configuration will have a substantial impact on performance. Use Caliper’s -J <value 1>,<value 2>,<value 3> syntax to compare different VM options. For example:

vogar --benchmark ~/svn/dalvik/benchmarks/regression/ \
-- -Jgc -Xgc:noconcurrent,-Xgc:concurrent -Jint -Xint:fast,-Xint:jit,-Xint:portable