A cleanroom implementation of the org.json API.

This implementation lacks documentation. I intend to write that after checking
it into the master branch. By not waiting we'll have more time to exercise the
code, if only in Google's own applications.

This passes all of my tests. I rewrote some of the tests to make Crockford's
implementation fail. The tests that fail on Crockford's implementation are:

  testEqualsAndHashCode equals() not consistent with hashCode()
  testTokenerConstructorParseFail StackOverflowError
  testStringConstructorParseFail StackOverflowError

  testOtherNumbers Object.put() accepted a NaN (via a custom Number class)
  testMapConstructorWithBogusEntries JSONObject constructor doesn't validate its input!

  testNextNWithAllRemaining off-by-one error?
  testNext0 Returning an empty string should be valid
  testNextCleanCommentsTrailingSingleSlash nextClean doesn't consume a trailing slash
  assertNotClean The character line tabulation is not whitespace according to the JSON spec.
  testNextToDoesntStopOnNull nextTo() shouldn't stop after \0 characters
  testNextToConsumesNull nextTo shouldn't consume \0.
  testSkipToStopsOnNull skipTo shouldn't stop when it sees '\0'

  testParsingLargeHexValues For input "0x80000000" Hex values are parsed as Strings if their signed value is greater than Integer.MAX_VALUE.
  testSyntaxProblemUnterminatedArray Stack overflowed on input "["

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