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<H1>Canonical XML and XML Signature Implementation</H1>
<H2>Needs the following packages</H2>
<LI>Xerces v2.0.0 <A HREF=""></A></LI>
<LI>Xalan 2.2.0 <A HREF=""></A></LI>
<LI>JUnit 3.7 <A HREF=""></A></LI>
<LI>Jakarta Log4J 1.1.2 <A HREF=""></A></LI>
<LI>ANT <A HREF=""></A></LI>
<LI>{@link} contains algorithm factories </LI>
<LI>{@link} contains Canonicalization related material and algorithms </LI>
<LI>{@link} contains all exceptions used by this library </LI>
<LI>{@link} contains key related material </LI>
<LI>{@link} contains some sample applications and non-standard transforms </LI>
<LI>{@link} contains the XML Signature specific classes </LI>
<LI>{@link} XML Signature transformations </LI>
<LI>{@link} contains all utility classes </LI>
<LI>{@link} JUnit test cases </LI>
<LI>{@link} is the playground for messing around </LI>
<P>See <A HREF="">the xml-security project</A> for further assistence</P>
<P>Christian Geuer-Pollmann<BR>
University of Siegen<BR>
Institute for Data Communications Systems<BR>