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# Provider resource file for the LDAP service provider.
# Factory for the response controls supported by this release.
# AttrsToCorba: Turn entry with corbaObject objectclass into a org.omg.CORBA.Object
# MarshalledToObject: Turn entry with javaMarshalledObject into UnmarshalledObject
# RemoteToAttrs: Turn RMI/JRMP and RMI/IIOP object into javaMarshalledObject or
# corbaObject LDAP entry
# CorbaToAttrs: Turn CORBA object into corbaObject LDAP entry
# RemoteToCorbaToAttrs: Turn RMI/IIOP object into corbaObject LDAP entry.
# Note that there is no need to specify this in list unless RemoteToAttrs is
# removed because RemotetoAttrs already handles this case