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1)Copy Parser.jjt in a dedicated directory.
2) Grammar modificatiobns:
Grammar located in file Parser.jjt :
3) Command :
/usr/lang/JAVA/JavaCC_2.0/bin/jjtree Parser.jjt
/usr/lang/JAVA/JavaCC_2.0/bin/javacc Parser.jj
4) Files to copy back in IPAcl directory:
If you added new node (eg :IpV6Address()) copy the JDM file (
In any cases copy back (These files must be checkedout in IPAcl directory):
5) You need to modify any JDM files you copied back. Lauch the compilation and you will see what is wrong.
Have a look to similar nodes in order to see how to modify. Some protected methods have to be overloaded.
6) Once your updates are running, copy back:
7) DONE.