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* Copyright (C) 2017 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <android-base/logging.h>
#include "HexagonUtils.h"
#include "dlfcn.h"
#include "hexagon_nn_controller/hexagon_nn_controller.h"
namespace android {
namespace hardware {
namespace neuralnetworks {
namespace V1_0 {
namespace implementation {
namespace hexagon {
// interface wrapper
class Controller {
// methods
Controller(const Controller&) = delete;
Controller(Controller&&) = delete;
Controller& operator=(const Controller&) = delete;
Controller& operator=(Controller&&) = delete;
template <typename Function>
Function loadFunction(const char* name) {
void* fn = dlsym(mHandle, name);
if (fn == nullptr) {
LOG(ERROR) << "loadFunction -- failed to load function " << name;
return reinterpret_cast<Function>(fn);
bool openNnlib();
bool closeNnlib();
static Controller& getInstance();
bool resetNnlib();
int init(hexagon_nn_nn_id* g);
int getlog(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, unsigned char* buf, uint32_t length);
int snpprint(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, unsigned char* buf, uint32_t length);
int set_debug_level(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, int level);
int prepare(hexagon_nn_nn_id id);
int append_node(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, uint32_t node_id, op_type operation,
hexagon_nn_padding_type padding, const hexagon_nn_input* inputs,
uint32_t num_inputs, const hexagon_nn_output* outputs, uint32_t num_outputs);
int append_const_node(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, uint32_t node_id, uint32_t batches, uint32_t height,
uint32_t width, uint32_t depth, const uint8_t* data, uint32_t data_len);
int execute_new(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, const hexagon_nn_tensordef* inputs, uint32_t n_inputs,
hexagon_nn_tensordef* outputs, uint32_t n_outputs);
int execute(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, uint32_t batches_in, uint32_t height_in, uint32_t width_in,
uint32_t depth_in, const uint8_t* data_in, uint32_t data_len_in,
uint32_t* batches_out, uint32_t* height_out, uint32_t* width_out,
uint32_t* depth_out, uint8_t* data_out, uint32_t data_out_max,
uint32_t* data_out_size);
int teardown(hexagon_nn_nn_id id);
int get_perfinfo(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, hexagon_nn_perfinfo* info_out, unsigned int info_out_len,
unsigned int* n_items_out);
int reset_perfinfo(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, uint32_t event);
int version(int* ver);
int last_execution_cycles(hexagon_nn_nn_id id, unsigned int* cycles_lo,
unsigned int* cycles_hi);
int GetHexagonBinaryVersion(int* ver);
int PrintLog(const uint8_t* data_in, unsigned int data_in_len);
int op_name_to_id(const char* name, unsigned int* id);
int op_id_to_name(const unsigned int id, char* name, int name_len);
int disable_dcvs();
int set_powersave_level(unsigned int level);
int config();
unsigned int get_dsp_offset();
int boost(int bus_usage);
int slow();
// members
static const char kFilename[];
void* mHandle;
hexagon_nn_controller_init_fn mFn_init;
hexagon_nn_controller_getlog_fn mFn_getlog;
hexagon_nn_controller_snpprint_fn mFn_snpprint;
hexagon_nn_controller_set_debug_level_fn mFn_set_debug_level;
hexagon_nn_controller_prepare_fn mFn_prepare;
hexagon_nn_controller_append_node_fn mFn_append_node;
hexagon_nn_controller_append_const_node_fn mFn_append_const_node;
hexagon_nn_controller_execute_new_fn mFn_execute_new;
hexagon_nn_controller_execute_fn mFn_execute;
hexagon_nn_controller_teardown_fn mFn_teardown;
hexagon_nn_controller_get_perfinfo_fn mFn_get_perfinfo;
hexagon_nn_controller_reset_perfinfo_fn mFn_reset_perfinfo;
hexagon_nn_controller_version_fn mFn_version;
hexagon_nn_controller_last_execution_cycles_fn mFn_last_execution_cycles;
hexagon_nn_controller_GetHexagonBinaryVersion_fn mFn_GetHexagonBinaryVersion;
hexagon_nn_controller_PrintLog_fn mFn_PrintLog;
hexagon_nn_controller_op_name_to_id_fn mFn_op_name_to_id;
hexagon_nn_controller_op_id_to_name_fn mFn_op_id_to_name;
hexagon_nn_controller_disable_dcvs_fn mFn_disable_dcvs;
hexagon_nn_controller_set_powersave_level_fn mFn_set_powersave_level;
hexagon_nn_controller_config_fn mFn_config;
hexagon_nn_controller_get_dsp_offset_fn mFn_get_dsp_offset;
hexagon_nn_controller_boost_fn mFn_boost;
hexagon_nn_controller_slow_fn mFn_slow;
} // namespace hexagon
} // namespace implementation
} // namespace V1_0
} // namespace neuralnetworks
} // namespace hardware
} // namespace android