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* Copyright (c) 2014-2017, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
* Not a Contribution.
* Copyright 2015 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef __HWC_DISPLAY_H__
#define __HWC_DISPLAY_H__
#include <QService.h>
#include <core/core_interface.h>
#include <hardware/hwcomposer.h>
#include <private/color_params.h>
#include <qdMetaData.h>
#include <map>
#include <queue>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "hwc_buffer_allocator.h"
#include "hwc_callbacks.h"
#include "hwc_layers.h"
namespace sdm {
class BlitEngine;
class HWCToneMapper;
// Subclasses set this to their type. This has to be different from DisplayType.
// This is to avoid RTTI and dynamic_cast
enum DisplayClass {
class HWCColorMode {
explicit HWCColorMode(DisplayInterface *display_intf);
~HWCColorMode() {}
HWC2::Error Init();
HWC2::Error DeInit();
void Dump(std::ostringstream* os);
uint32_t GetColorModeCount();
HWC2::Error GetColorModes(uint32_t *out_num_modes, android_color_mode_t *out_modes);
HWC2::Error SetColorMode(android_color_mode_t mode);
HWC2::Error SetColorModeById(int32_t color_mode_id);
HWC2::Error SetColorTransform(const float *matrix, android_color_transform_t hint);
static const uint32_t kColorTransformMatrixCount = 16;
HWC2::Error HandleColorModeTransform(android_color_mode_t mode,
android_color_transform_t hint, const double *matrix);
void PopulateColorModes();
void PopulateTransform(const android_color_mode_t &mode,
const std::string &color_mode, const std::string &color_transform);
template <class T>
void CopyColorTransformMatrix(const T *input_matrix, double *output_matrix) {
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < kColorTransformMatrixCount; i++) {
output_matrix[i] = static_cast<double>(input_matrix[i]);
HWC2::Error ApplyDefaultColorMode();
DisplayInterface *display_intf_ = NULL;
android_color_mode_t current_color_mode_ = HAL_COLOR_MODE_NATIVE;
android_color_transform_t current_color_transform_ = HAL_COLOR_TRANSFORM_IDENTITY;
typedef std::map<android_color_transform_t, std::string> TransformMap;
std::map<android_color_mode_t, TransformMap> color_mode_transform_map_ = {};
double color_matrix_[kColorTransformMatrixCount] = { 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, \
0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, \
0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, \
0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0 };
class HWCDisplay : public DisplayEventHandler {
virtual ~HWCDisplay() {}
virtual int Init();
virtual int Deinit();
// Framebuffer configurations
virtual void SetIdleTimeoutMs(uint32_t timeout_ms);
virtual void SetFrameDumpConfig(uint32_t count, uint32_t bit_mask_layer_type);
virtual DisplayError SetMaxMixerStages(uint32_t max_mixer_stages);
virtual DisplayError ControlPartialUpdate(bool enable, uint32_t *pending) {
return kErrorNotSupported;
virtual HWC2::PowerMode GetLastPowerMode();
virtual int SetFrameBufferResolution(uint32_t x_pixels, uint32_t y_pixels);
virtual void GetFrameBufferResolution(uint32_t *x_pixels, uint32_t *y_pixels);
virtual int SetDisplayStatus(uint32_t display_status);
virtual int OnMinHdcpEncryptionLevelChange(uint32_t min_enc_level);
virtual int Perform(uint32_t operation, ...);
virtual void SetSecureDisplay(bool secure_display_active);
virtual DisplayError SetMixerResolution(uint32_t width, uint32_t height);
virtual DisplayError GetMixerResolution(uint32_t *width, uint32_t *height);
virtual void GetPanelResolution(uint32_t *width, uint32_t *height);
virtual std::string Dump(void);
// Captures frame output in the buffer specified by output_buffer_info. The API is
// non-blocking and the client is expected to check operation status later on.
// Returns -1 if the input is invalid.
virtual int FrameCaptureAsync(const BufferInfo &output_buffer_info, bool post_processed) {
return -1;
// Returns the status of frame capture operation requested with FrameCaptureAsync().
// -EAGAIN : No status obtain yet, call API again after another frame.
// < 0 : Operation happened but failed.
// 0 : Success.
virtual int GetFrameCaptureStatus() { return -EAGAIN; }
virtual DisplayError SetDetailEnhancerConfig(const DisplayDetailEnhancerData &de_data) {
return kErrorNotSupported;
// Display Configurations
virtual int SetActiveDisplayConfig(int config);
virtual int GetActiveDisplayConfig(uint32_t *config);
virtual int GetDisplayConfigCount(uint32_t *count);
virtual int GetDisplayAttributesForConfig(int config,
DisplayConfigVariableInfo *display_attributes);
int SetPanelBrightness(int level);
int GetPanelBrightness(int *level);
int ToggleScreenUpdates(bool enable);
int ColorSVCRequestRoute(const PPDisplayAPIPayload &in_payload, PPDisplayAPIPayload *out_payload,
PPPendingParams *pending_action);
void SolidFillPrepare();
void SolidFillCommit();
DisplayClass GetDisplayClass();
int GetVisibleDisplayRect(hwc_rect_t *rect);
void BuildLayerStack(void);
void BuildSolidFillStack(void);
HWCLayer *GetHWCLayer(hwc2_layer_t layer);
// HWC2 APIs
virtual HWC2::Error AcceptDisplayChanges(void);
virtual HWC2::Error GetActiveConfig(hwc2_config_t *out_config);
virtual HWC2::Error SetActiveConfig(hwc2_config_t config);
virtual HWC2::Error SetClientTarget(buffer_handle_t target, int32_t acquire_fence,
int32_t dataspace, hwc_region_t damage);
virtual HWC2::Error SetColorMode(android_color_mode_t mode) {
return HWC2::Error::Unsupported;
virtual HWC2::Error SetColorModeById(int32_t color_mode_id) {
return HWC2::Error::Unsupported;
virtual HWC2::Error SetColorTransform(const float *matrix, android_color_transform_t hint) {
return HWC2::Error::Unsupported;
virtual HWC2::Error HandleColorModeTransform(android_color_mode_t mode,
android_color_transform_t hint,
const double *matrix) {
return HWC2::Error::Unsupported;
virtual HWC2::Error GetDisplayConfigs(uint32_t *out_num_configs, hwc2_config_t *out_configs);
virtual HWC2::Error GetDisplayAttribute(hwc2_config_t config, HWC2::Attribute attribute,
int32_t *out_value);
virtual HWC2::Error GetClientTargetSupport(uint32_t width, uint32_t height, int32_t format,
int32_t dataspace);
virtual HWC2::Error GetColorModes(uint32_t *outNumModes, android_color_mode_t *outModes);
virtual HWC2::Error GetChangedCompositionTypes(uint32_t *out_num_elements,
hwc2_layer_t *out_layers, int32_t *out_types);
virtual HWC2::Error GetDisplayRequests(int32_t *out_display_requests, uint32_t *out_num_elements,
hwc2_layer_t *out_layers, int32_t *out_layer_requests);
virtual HWC2::Error GetDisplayName(uint32_t *out_size, char *out_name);
virtual HWC2::Error GetDisplayType(int32_t *out_type);
virtual HWC2::Error SetCursorPosition(hwc2_layer_t layer, int x, int y);
virtual HWC2::Error SetVsyncEnabled(HWC2::Vsync enabled);
virtual HWC2::Error SetPowerMode(HWC2::PowerMode mode);
virtual HWC2::Error CreateLayer(hwc2_layer_t *out_layer_id);
virtual HWC2::Error DestroyLayer(hwc2_layer_t layer_id);
virtual HWC2::Error SetLayerZOrder(hwc2_layer_t layer_id, uint32_t z);
virtual HWC2::Error Validate(uint32_t *out_num_types, uint32_t *out_num_requests) = 0;
virtual HWC2::Error GetReleaseFences(uint32_t *out_num_elements, hwc2_layer_t *out_layers,
int32_t *out_fences);
virtual HWC2::Error Present(int32_t *out_retire_fence) = 0;
virtual HWC2::Error GetHdrCapabilities(uint32_t *out_num_types, int32_t* out_types,
float* out_max_luminance,
float* out_max_average_luminance,
float* out_min_luminance);
bool validated_ = false;
bool skip_validate_ = false;
uint32_t geometry_changes_ = GeometryChanges::kNone;
enum DisplayStatus {
kDisplayStatusOffline = 0,
// Maximum number of layers supported by display manager.
static const uint32_t kMaxLayerCount = 32;
HWCDisplay(CoreInterface *core_intf, HWCCallbacks *callbacks, DisplayType type, hwc2_display_t id,
bool needs_blit, qService::QService *qservice, DisplayClass display_class,
BufferAllocator *buffer_allocator);
// DisplayEventHandler methods
virtual DisplayError VSync(const DisplayEventVSync &vsync);
virtual DisplayError Refresh();
virtual DisplayError CECMessage(char *message);
virtual void DumpOutputBuffer(const BufferInfo &buffer_info, void *base, int fence);
virtual HWC2::Error PrepareLayerStack(uint32_t *out_num_types, uint32_t *out_num_requests);
virtual HWC2::Error CommitLayerStack(void);
virtual HWC2::Error PostCommitLayerStack(int32_t *out_retire_fence);
virtual DisplayError DisablePartialUpdateOneFrame() {
return kErrorNotSupported;
LayerBufferFormat GetSDMFormat(const int32_t &source, const int flags);
const char *GetDisplayString();
void MarkLayersForGPUBypass(void);
void MarkLayersForClientComposition(void);
virtual void ApplyScanAdjustment(hwc_rect_t *display_frame);
bool SingleLayerUpdating(void);
bool IsSurfaceUpdated(const std::vector<LayerRect> &dirty_regions);
bool IsLayerUpdating(const Layer *layer);
uint32_t SanitizeRefreshRate(uint32_t req_refresh_rate);
virtual void CloseAcquireFds();
virtual void ClearRequestFlags();
virtual void GetUnderScanConfig() { }
enum {
CoreInterface *core_intf_ = nullptr;
HWCCallbacks *callbacks_ = nullptr;
HWCBufferAllocator *buffer_allocator_ = NULL;
DisplayType type_;
hwc2_display_t id_;
bool needs_blit_ = false;
DisplayInterface *display_intf_ = NULL;
LayerStack layer_stack_;
HWCLayer *client_target_ = nullptr; // Also known as framebuffer target
std::map<hwc2_layer_t, HWCLayer *> layer_map_; // Look up by Id - TODO
std::multiset<HWCLayer *, SortLayersByZ> layer_set_; // Maintain a set sorted by Z
std::map<hwc2_layer_t, HWC2::Composition> layer_changes_;
std::map<hwc2_layer_t, HWC2::LayerRequest> layer_requests_;
bool flush_on_error_ = false;
bool flush_ = false;
uint32_t dump_frame_count_ = 0;
uint32_t dump_frame_index_ = 0;
bool dump_input_layers_ = false;
HWC2::PowerMode last_power_mode_;
bool swap_interval_zero_ = false;
bool display_paused_ = false;
uint32_t min_refresh_rate_ = 0;
uint32_t max_refresh_rate_ = 0;
uint32_t current_refresh_rate_ = 0;
bool use_metadata_refresh_rate_ = false;
uint32_t metadata_refresh_rate_ = 0;
uint32_t force_refresh_rate_ = 0;
bool boot_animation_completed_ = false;
bool shutdown_pending_ = false;
bool use_blit_comp_ = false;
bool secure_display_active_ = false;
bool skip_prepare_ = false;
bool solid_fill_enable_ = false;
Layer *solid_fill_layer_ = NULL;
LayerRect solid_fill_rect_ = {};
uint32_t solid_fill_color_ = 0;
LayerRect display_rect_;
bool color_tranform_failed_ = false;
HWCColorMode *color_mode_ = NULL;
HWCToneMapper *tone_mapper_ = nullptr;
int disable_hdr_handling_ = 0; // disables HDR handling.
void DumpInputBuffers(void);
bool CanSkipValidate();
qService::QService *qservice_ = NULL;
DisplayClass display_class_;
inline int HWCDisplay::Perform(uint32_t operation, ...) {
return 0;
} // namespace sdm
#endif // __HWC_DISPLAY_H__