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* Copyright (C) 2010 The Android Open Source Project
* Copyright (C)2012-2013, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
* Not a Contribution, Apache license notifications and license are retained
* for attribution purposes only.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef HWC_UTILS_H
#define HWC_UTILS_H
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <hardware/hwcomposer.h>
#include <gr.h>
#include <gralloc_priv.h>
#include <utils/String8.h>
#include <linux/fb.h>
#include "qdMetaData.h"
#include <overlayUtils.h>
#include <cutils/sockets.h>
#define ALIGN_TO(x, align) (((x) + ((align)-1)) & ~((align)-1))
#define LIKELY( exp ) (__builtin_expect( (exp) != 0, true ))
#define UNLIKELY( exp ) (__builtin_expect( (exp) != 0, false ))
#define MAX_NUM_LAYERS 32 //includes fb layer
#define MAX_DISPLAY_DIM 2048
// For support of virtual displays
#define DAEMON_SOCKET "pps"
//Fwrd decls
struct hwc_context_t;
namespace ovutils = overlay::utils;
namespace overlay {
class Overlay;
class Rotator;
class RotMgr;
namespace qhwc {
//fwrd decl
class QueuedBufferStore;
class ExternalDisplay;
class IFBUpdate;
class IVideoOverlay;
class MDPComp;
class CopyBit;
struct MDPInfo {
int version;
char panel;
bool hasOverlay;
struct DisplayAttributes {
uint32_t vsync_period; //nanos
uint32_t xres;
uint32_t yres;
uint32_t stride;
float xdpi;
float ydpi;
int fd;
bool connected; //Applies only to pluggable disp.
//Connected does not mean it ready to use.
//It should be active also. (UNBLANKED)
bool isActive;
// In pause state, composition is bypassed
// used for WFD displays only
bool isPause;
struct ListStats {
int numAppLayers; //Total - 1, excluding FB layer.
int skipCount;
int fbLayerIndex; //Always last for now. = numAppLayers
//Video specific
int yuvCount;
int yuvIndices[MAX_NUM_LAYERS];
bool needsAlphaScale;
bool preMultipliedAlpha;
bool planeAlpha;
struct LayerProp {
uint32_t mFlags; //qcom specific layer flags
LayerProp():mFlags(0) {};
struct VsyncState {
bool enable;
bool fakevsync;
struct CablProp {
bool enabled;
bool start;
bool videoOnly;
//daemon_socket for connection to pp-daemon
int daemon_socket;
// LayerProp::flag values
enum {
HWC_MDPCOMP = 0x00000001,
HWC_COPYBIT = 0x00000002,
class LayerRotMap {
LayerRotMap() { reset(); }
enum { MAX_SESS = 3 };
void add(hwc_layer_1_t* layer, overlay::Rotator *rot);
void reset();
uint32_t getCount() const;
hwc_layer_1_t* getLayer(uint32_t index) const;
overlay::Rotator* getRot(uint32_t index) const;
void setReleaseFd(const int& fence);
hwc_layer_1_t* mLayer[MAX_SESS];
overlay::Rotator* mRot[MAX_SESS];
uint32_t mCount;
inline uint32_t LayerRotMap::getCount() const {
return mCount;
inline hwc_layer_1_t* LayerRotMap::getLayer(uint32_t index) const {
if(index >= mCount) return NULL;
return mLayer[index];
inline overlay::Rotator* LayerRotMap::getRot(uint32_t index) const {
if(index >= mCount) return NULL;
return mRot[index];
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Utility functions - implemented in hwc_utils.cpp
void dumpLayer(hwc_layer_1_t const* l);
void setListStats(hwc_context_t *ctx, const hwc_display_contents_1_t *list,
int dpy);
void initContext(hwc_context_t *ctx);
void closeContext(hwc_context_t *ctx);
//Crops source buffer against destination and FB boundaries
void calculate_crop_rects(hwc_rect_t& crop, hwc_rect_t& dst,
const hwc_rect_t& scissor, int orient);
void getNonWormholeRegion(hwc_display_contents_1_t* list,
hwc_rect_t& nwr);
bool isSecuring(hwc_context_t* ctx, hwc_layer_1_t const* layer);
bool isSecureModePolicy(int mdpVersion);
bool isExternalActive(hwc_context_t* ctx);
bool needsScaling(hwc_layer_1_t const* layer);
bool isAlphaPresent(hwc_layer_1_t const* layer);
bool setupBasePipe(hwc_context_t *ctx);
int hwc_vsync_control(hwc_context_t* ctx, int dpy, int enable);
int getBlending(int blending);
//Helper function to dump logs
void dumpsys_log(android::String8& buf, const char* fmt, ...);
/* Calculates the destination position based on the action safe rectangle */
void getActionSafePosition(hwc_context_t *ctx, int dpy, uint32_t& x,
uint32_t& y, uint32_t& w, uint32_t& h);
//Close acquireFenceFds of all layers of incoming list
void closeAcquireFds(hwc_display_contents_1_t* list);
//Sync point impl.
int hwc_sync(hwc_context_t *ctx, hwc_display_contents_1_t* list, int dpy,
int fd);
//Trims a layer's source crop which is outside of screen boundary.
void trimLayer(hwc_context_t *ctx, const int& dpy, const int& transform,
hwc_rect_t& crop, hwc_rect_t& dst);
//Sets appropriate mdp flags for a layer.
void setMdpFlags(hwc_layer_1_t *layer,
ovutils::eMdpFlags &mdpFlags,
int rotDownscale = 0);
//Routine to configure low resolution panels (<= 2048 width)
int configureLowRes(hwc_context_t *ctx, hwc_layer_1_t *layer, const int& dpy,
ovutils::eMdpFlags& mdpFlags, const ovutils::eZorder& z,
const ovutils::eIsFg& isFg, const ovutils::eDest& dest,
overlay::Rotator **rot);
//Routine to configure high resolution panels (> 2048 width)
int configureHighRes(hwc_context_t *ctx, hwc_layer_1_t *layer, const int& dpy,
ovutils::eMdpFlags& mdpFlags, const ovutils::eZorder& z,
const ovutils::eIsFg& isFg, const ovutils::eDest& lDest,
const ovutils::eDest& rDest, overlay::Rotator **rot);
// Inline utility functions
static inline bool isSkipLayer(const hwc_layer_1_t* l) {
return (UNLIKELY(l && (l->flags & HWC_SKIP_LAYER)));
// Returns true if the buffer is yuv
static inline bool isYuvBuffer(const private_handle_t* hnd) {
return (hnd && (hnd->bufferType == BUFFER_TYPE_VIDEO));
// Returns true if the buffer is secure
static inline bool isSecureBuffer(const private_handle_t* hnd) {
return (hnd && (private_handle_t::PRIV_FLAGS_SECURE_BUFFER & hnd->flags));
//Return true if buffer is marked locked
static inline bool isBufferLocked(const private_handle_t* hnd) {
return (hnd && (private_handle_t::PRIV_FLAGS_HWC_LOCK & hnd->flags));
//Return true if buffer is for external display only
static inline bool isExtOnly(const private_handle_t* hnd) {
return (hnd && (hnd->flags & private_handle_t::PRIV_FLAGS_EXTERNAL_ONLY));
//Return true if buffer is for external display only with a BLOCK flag.
static inline bool isExtBlock(const private_handle_t* hnd) {
return (hnd && (hnd->flags & private_handle_t::PRIV_FLAGS_EXTERNAL_BLOCK));
//Return true if buffer is for external display only with a Close Caption flag.
static inline bool isExtCC(const private_handle_t* hnd) {
return (hnd && (hnd->flags & private_handle_t::PRIV_FLAGS_EXTERNAL_CC));
static inline int getWidth(const private_handle_t* hnd) {
if(isYuvBuffer(hnd)) {
MetaData_t *metadata = (MetaData_t *)hnd->base_metadata;
if(metadata && metadata->operation & UPDATE_BUFFER_GEOMETRY) {
return metadata->bufferDim.sliceWidth;
return hnd->width;
static inline int getHeight(const private_handle_t* hnd) {
if(isYuvBuffer(hnd)) {
MetaData_t *metadata = (MetaData_t *)hnd->base_metadata;
if(metadata && metadata->operation & UPDATE_BUFFER_GEOMETRY) {
return metadata->bufferDim.sliceHeight;
return hnd->height;
template<typename T> inline T max(T a, T b) { return (a > b) ? a : b; }
template<typename T> inline T min(T a, T b) { return (a < b) ? a : b; }
// Initialize uevent thread
void init_uevent_thread(hwc_context_t* ctx);
// Initialize vsync thread
void init_vsync_thread(hwc_context_t* ctx);
inline void getLayerResolution(const hwc_layer_1_t* layer,
int& width, int& height) {
hwc_rect_t displayFrame = layer->displayFrame;
width = displayFrame.right - displayFrame.left;
height = displayFrame.bottom -;
static inline int openFb(int dpy) {
int fd = -1;
const char *devtmpl = "/dev/graphics/fb%u";
char name[64] = {0};
snprintf(name, 64, devtmpl, dpy);
fd = open(name, O_RDWR);
return fd;
template <class T>
inline void swap(T& a, T& b) {
T tmp = a;
a = b;
b = tmp;
}; //qhwc namespace
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// HWC context
// This structure contains overall state
struct hwc_context_t {
hwc_composer_device_1_t device;
const hwc_procs_t* proc;
//CopyBit objects
qhwc::CopyBit *mCopyBit[MAX_DISPLAYS];
//Overlay object - NULL for non overlay devices
overlay::Overlay *mOverlay;
//Holds a few rot objects
overlay::RotMgr *mRotMgr;
//Primary and external FB updater
qhwc::IFBUpdate *mFBUpdate[MAX_DISPLAYS];
// External display related information
qhwc::ExternalDisplay *mExtDisplay;
qhwc::MDPInfo mMDP;
qhwc::VsyncState vstate;
qhwc::DisplayAttributes dpyAttr[MAX_DISPLAYS];
qhwc::ListStats listStats[MAX_DISPLAYS];
qhwc::LayerProp *layerProp[MAX_DISPLAYS];
qhwc::LayerRotMap *mLayerRotMap[MAX_DISPLAYS];
qhwc::MDPComp *mMDPComp[MAX_DISPLAYS];
qhwc::CablProp mCablProp;
overlay::utils::Whf mPrevWHF[MAX_DISPLAYS];
//Securing in progress indicator
bool mSecuring;
//External Display configuring progress indicator
bool mExtDispConfiguring;
//Display in secure mode indicator
bool mSecureMode;
//Lock to prevent set from being called while blanking
mutable Locker mBlankLock;
//Lock to protect set when detaching external disp
mutable Locker mExtSetLock;
//DMA used for rotator
bool mDMAInUse;
//MDP rotater needed
bool mNeedsRotator;
//Check if base pipe is set up
bool mBasePipeSetup;
//Flags the transition of a video session
bool mVideoTransFlag;
namespace qhwc {
static inline bool isSkipPresent (hwc_context_t *ctx, int dpy) {
return ctx->listStats[dpy].skipCount;
static inline bool isYuvPresent (hwc_context_t *ctx, int dpy) {
return ctx->listStats[dpy].yuvCount;
#endif //HWC_UTILS_H