Enable librpc for MSM7x30 and patch to add missing defines.

Enable librpc for MSM7x30 and add missing definition of NULLPROC
and function prototype for xdr_u_int().

Change-Id: I97fe08abbf2d8157a6ce990ebd4dfcec41fce1d5
diff --git a/Android.mk b/Android.mk
index 496ef8b..b261be2 100644
--- a/Android.mk
+++ b/Android.mk
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 common_msm_dirs := libcopybit liblights libopencorehw librpc libstagefrighthw
 msm7k_dirs := $(common_msm_dirs) boot libgralloc libaudio
 qsd8k_dirs := $(common_msm_dirs) libgralloc-qsd8k libaudio-qsd8k dspcrashd
-msm7x30_dirs := liblights libgralloc-qsd8k
+msm7x30_dirs := liblights libgralloc-qsd8k librpc
 ifeq ($(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM),msm7k)
   include $(call all-named-subdir-makefiles,$(msm7k_dirs))
diff --git a/librpc/rpc/clnt.h b/librpc/rpc/clnt.h
index 86ba979..aa99976 100644
--- a/librpc/rpc/clnt.h
+++ b/librpc/rpc/clnt.h
@@ -118,6 +118,11 @@
   rpc_reply_header error
+ * By convention, procedure 0 takes null arguments and returns them
+ */
+#define NULLPROC ((rpcproc_t)0)
diff --git a/librpc/rpc/xdr.h b/librpc/rpc/xdr.h
index 15670b5..6f69381 100644
--- a/librpc/rpc/xdr.h
+++ b/librpc/rpc/xdr.h
@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@
 extern bool_t xdr_enum (XDR *xdr, enum_t *ep);
 extern bool_t xdr_pointer (XDR *xdrs, char **_objpp, u_int obj_size, xdrproc_t xdr_obj);
 extern bool_t xdr_int (XDR *xdr, int *ip);
+extern bool_t xdr_u_int (XDR *xdr, u_int *ip);
 extern bool_t xdr_char (XDR *xdr, char *cp);
 extern bool_t xdr_u_char (XDR *xdr, u_char *cp);
 extern bool_t xdr_long (XDR *xdr, long *ulp);