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Copyright (C) 2011-2012 InvenSense Corporation, All Rights Reserved.
See included License.txt for License information.
#include "mltypes.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Level 0 Type Messages */
/** A motion event has occured */
#define INV_MSG_MOTION_EVENT (0x01)
/** A no motion event has occured */
#define INV_MSG_NO_MOTION_EVENT (0x02)
/** A setting of the gyro bias has occured */
#define INV_MSG_NEW_GB_EVENT (0x04)
/** A setting of the compass bias has occured */
#define INV_MSG_NEW_CB_EVENT (0x08)
/** A setting of the accel bias has occured */
#define INV_MSG_NEW_AB_EVENT (0x10)
/** Sensor fusion has switched from 9- to 6-axes
because of a magnetic disturbance */
#define INV_MSG_6X_SF_EVENT (0x020)
/** Compass accuracy has dropped has dropped to 0
because of a magnetic disturbance */
/** A setting of the factory gyro bias has occured */
#define INV_MSG_NEW_FGB_EVENT (0x80)
/** A setting of the factory accel bias has occured */
#define INV_MSG_NEW_FAB_EVENT (0x100)
void inv_set_message(long set, long clear, int level);
long inv_get_message_level_0(int clear);
#ifdef __cplusplus