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* Copyright (C) 2014 Invensense, Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <poll.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <utils/Vector.h>
#include <utils/KeyedVector.h>
#include <utils/String8.h>
#include "sensors.h"
#include "SensorBase.h"
#include "InputEventReader.h"
#pragma message("unified HAL for AKM")
#include "CompassSensor.AKM.h"
#pragma message("Sensor on Primary Bus")
#include "CompassSensor.IIO.primary.h"
#pragma message("Sensor on Secondary Bus")
#include "CompassSensor.IIO.9150.h"
class PressureSensor;
/* Sensors Enable/Disable Mask
#define MAX_CHIP_ID_LEN (20)
#define INV_THREE_AXIS_GYRO (0x000F)
#define INV_THREE_AXIS_ACCEL (0x0070)
#define INV_THREE_AXIS_COMPASS (0x0380)
#define INV_ONE_AXIS_PRESSURE (0x0400)
#define INV_ALL_SENSORS (0x7FFF)
// mask of virtual sensors that require gyro + accel + compass data
(1 << Orientation) \
| (1 << RotationVector) \
| (1 << LinearAccel) \
| (1 << Gravity) \
// mask of virtual sensors that require gyro + accel data (but no compass data)
(1 << GameRotationVector) \
// mask of virtual sensors that require mag + accel data (but no gyro data)
(1 << GeomagneticRotationVector) \
// mask of all virtual sensors
// bit mask of current MPL active features (mMplFeatureActiveMask)
#define INV_COMPASS_CAL 0x01
#define INV_COMPASS_FIT 0x02
// bit mask of current DMP active features (mFeatureActiveMask)
#define INV_DMP_QUATERNION 0x001 //3 elements without real part, 32 bit each
#define INV_DMP_DISPL_ORIENTATION 0x002 //screen orientation
#define INV_DMP_SIGNIFICANT_MOTION 0x004 //significant motion
#define INV_DMP_PEDOMETER 0x008 //interrupt-based pedometer
#define INV_DMP_PEDOMETER_STEP 0x010 //timer-based pedometer
#define INV_DMP_PED_STANDALONE 0x020 //timestamps only
#define INV_DMP_6AXIS_QUATERNION 0x040 //3 elements without real part, 32 bit each
#define INV_DMP_PED_QUATERNION 0x080 //3 elements without real part, 16 bit each
#define INV_DMP_PED_INDICATOR 0x100 //tag along header with step indciator
#define INV_DMP_BATCH_MODE 0x200 //batch mode
// bit mask of whether DMP should be turned on
#define DMP_FEATURE_MASK ( \
// bit mask of DMP features as sensors
#define DMP_SENSOR_MASK ( \
// data header format used by kernel driver.
#define DATA_FORMAT_STEP 0x0001
#define DATA_FORMAT_MARKER 0x0010
#define DATA_FORMAT_PED_QUAT 0x0200
#define DATA_FORMAT_6_AXIS 0x0400
#define DATA_FORMAT_QUAT 0x0800
#define DATA_FORMAT_COMPASS 0x1000
#define DATA_FORMAT_GYRO 0x2000
#define DATA_FORMAT_ACCEL 0x4000
#define DATA_FORMAT_MASK 0xffff
#define BYTES_QUAT_DATA 24
#define MAX_PACKET_SIZE 80 //8 * 4 + (2 * 24)
/* Uncomment to enable Low Power Quaternion */
/* Enable Pressure sensor support */
/* Screen Orientation is not currently supported */
int isDmpScreenAutoRotationEnabled()
return 1;
return 0;
int (*m_pt2AccelCalLoadFunc)(long *bias) = NULL;
/** MPLSensor implementation which fits into the HAL example for crespo provided
* by Google.
* WARNING: there may only be one instance of MPLSensor, ever.
class MPLSensor: public SensorBase
typedef int (MPLSensor::*hfunc_t)(sensors_event_t*);
MPLSensor(CompassSensor *, int (*m_pt2AccelCalLoadFunc)(long*) = 0);
virtual ~MPLSensor();
virtual int setDelay(int32_t handle, int64_t ns);
virtual int enable(int32_t handle, int enabled);
virtual int batch(int handle, int flags, int64_t period_ns, int64_t timeout);
virtual int flush(int handle);
int selectAndSetQuaternion(int batchMode, int mEnabled, long long featureMask);
int checkBatchEnabled();
int setBatch(int en, int toggleEnable);
int writeBatchTimeout(int en);
int writeBatchTimeout(int en, int64_t timeoutInMs);
int32_t getEnableMask() { return mEnabled; }
void getHandle(int32_t handle, int &what, android::String8 &sname);
virtual int readEvents(sensors_event_t *data, int count);
virtual int getFd() const;
virtual int getAccelFd() const;
virtual int getCompassFd() const;
virtual int getPollTime();
virtual int getStepCountPollTime();
virtual bool hasPendingEvents() const;
virtual bool hasStepCountPendingEvents();
int populateSensorList(struct sensor_t *list, int len);
void buildCompassEvent();
void buildMpuEvent();
int checkValidHeader(unsigned short data_format);
int turnOffAccelFifo();
int turnOffGyroFifo();
int enableDmpOrientation(int);
int dmpOrientHandler(int);
int readDmpOrientEvents(sensors_event_t* data, int count);
int getDmpOrientFd();
int openDmpOrientFd();
int closeDmpOrientFd();
int getDmpRate(int64_t *);
int checkDMPOrientation();
int getDmpSignificantMotionFd();
int readDmpSignificantMotionEvents(sensors_event_t* data, int count);
int enableDmpSignificantMotion(int);
int significantMotionHandler(sensors_event_t* data);
bool checkSmdSupport(){return (mDmpSignificantMotionEnabled);};
int enableDmpPedometer(int, int);
int readDmpPedometerEvents(sensors_event_t* data, int count, int32_t id, int outputType);
int getDmpPedometerFd();
bool checkPedometerSupport() {return (mDmpPedometerEnabled || mDmpStepCountEnabled);};
bool checkOrientationSupport() {return ((isDmpDisplayOrientationOn()
&& (mDmpOrientationEnabled
|| !isDmpScreenAutoRotationEnabled())));};
CompassSensor *mCompassSensor;
PressureSensor *mPressureSensor;
int gyroHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int rawGyroHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int accelHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int compassHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int rawCompassHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int rvHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int grvHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int laHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int gravHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int orienHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int smHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int pHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int gmHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int psHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int sdHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int scHandler(sensors_event_t *data);
int metaHandler(sensors_event_t *data, int flags);
void calcOrientationSensor(float *Rx, float *Val);
virtual int update_delay();
void inv_set_device_properties();
int inv_constructor_init();
int inv_constructor_default_enable();
int setAccelInitialState();
int masterEnable(int en);
int enablePedStandalone(int en);
int enablePedStandaloneData(int en);
int enablePedQuaternion(int);
int enablePedQuaternionData(int);
int setPedQuaternionRate(int64_t wanted);
int enable6AxisQuaternion(int);
int enable6AxisQuaternionData(int);
int set6AxisQuaternionRate(int64_t wanted);
int enableLPQuaternion(int);
int enableQuaternionData(int);
int setQuaternionRate(int64_t wanted);
int enableAccelPedometer(int);
int enableAccelPedData(int);
int onDmp(int);
int enableGyro(int en);
int enableLowPowerAccel(int en);
int enableAccel(int en);
int enableCompass(int en, int rawSensorOn);
int enablePressure(int en);
int enableBatch(int64_t timeout);
void computeLocalSensorMask(int enabled_sensors);
int computeBatchSensorMask(int enableSensor, int checkNewBatchSensor);
int computeBatchDataOutput();
int enableSensors(unsigned long sensors, int en, uint32_t changed);
int inv_read_temperature(long long *data);
int inv_read_dmp_state(int fd);
int inv_read_sensor_bias(int fd, long *data);
void inv_get_sensors_orientation(void);
int inv_init_sysfs_attributes(void);
int resetCompass(void);
void setCompassDelay(int64_t ns);
void enable_iio_sysfs(void);
int setDmpFeature(int en);
int computeAndSetDmpState(void);
int computeDmpState(bool* dmp_state);
int SetDmpState(bool dmpState);
int enablePedometer(int);
int enablePedIndicator(int en);
int checkPedStandaloneBatched(void);
int checkPedStandaloneEnabled(void);
int checkPedQuatEnabled();
int check6AxisQuatEnabled();
int checkLPQRateSupported();
int checkLPQuaternion();
int checkAccelPed();
void setInitial6QuatValue();
int writeSignificantMotionParams(bool toggleEnable,
uint32_t delayThreshold1, uint32_t delayThreshold2,
uint32_t motionThreshold);
long mMasterSensorMask;
long mLocalSensorMask;
int mPollTime;
int64_t mStepCountPollTime;
bool mHaveGoodMpuCal; // flag indicating that the cal file can be written
int mGyroAccuracy; // value indicating the quality of the gyro calibr.
int mAccelAccuracy; // value indicating the quality of the accel calibr.
int mCompassAccuracy; // value indicating the quality of the compass calibr.
struct pollfd mPollFds[5];
pthread_mutex_t mMplMutex;
pthread_mutex_t mHALMutex;
char mIIOBuffer[(16 + 8 * 3 + 8) * IIO_BUFFER_LENGTH];
int iio_fd;
int accel_fd;
int mpufifo_fd;
int gyro_temperature_fd;
int accel_x_offset_fd;
int accel_y_offset_fd;
int accel_z_offset_fd;
int accel_x_dmp_bias_fd;
int accel_y_dmp_bias_fd;
int accel_z_dmp_bias_fd;
int gyro_x_offset_fd;
int gyro_y_offset_fd;
int gyro_z_offset_fd;
int gyro_x_dmp_bias_fd;
int gyro_y_dmp_bias_fd;
int gyro_z_dmp_bias_fd;
int dmp_orient_fd;
int mDmpOrientationEnabled;
int dmp_sign_motion_fd;
int mDmpSignificantMotionEnabled;
int dmp_pedometer_fd;
int mDmpPedometerEnabled;
int mDmpStepCountEnabled;
uint32_t mEnabled;
uint32_t mEnabledCached;
uint32_t mBatchEnabled;
android::Vector<int> mFlushSensorEnabledVector;
uint32_t mOldBatchEnabledMask;
int64_t mBatchTimeoutInMs;
sensors_event_t mPendingEvents[NumSensors];
sensors_event_t mPendingFlushEvents[NumSensors];
sensors_event_t mSmEvents;
sensors_event_t mSdEvents;
sensors_event_t mScEvents;
int64_t mDelays[NumSensors];
int64_t mBatchDelays[NumSensors];
int64_t mBatchTimeouts[NumSensors];
hfunc_t mHandlers[NumSensors];
int64_t mEnabledTime[NumSensors];
int64_t mLastTimestamp[NumSensors];
short mCachedGyroData[3];
long mCachedAccelData[3];
long mCachedCompassData[3];
long mCachedQuaternionData[3];
long mCached6AxisQuaternionData[3];
long mCachedPedQuaternionData[3];
long mCachedPressureData;
android::KeyedVector<int, int> mIrqFds;
InputEventCircularReader mAccelInputReader;
InputEventCircularReader mGyroInputReader;
int mCompassOverFlow;
bool mFirstRead;
short mTempScale;
short mTempOffset;
int64_t mTempCurrentTime;
int mAccelScale;
long mAccelSelfTestScale;
long mGyroScale;
long mGyroSelfTestScale;
long mCompassScale;
float mCompassBias[3];
bool mFactoryGyroBiasAvailable;
long mFactoryGyroBias[3];
bool mGyroBiasAvailable;
bool mGyroBiasApplied;
float mGyroBias[3]; //in body frame
long mGyroChipBias[3]; //in chip frame
bool mFactoryAccelBiasAvailable;
long mFactoryAccelBias[3];
bool mAccelBiasAvailable;
bool mAccelBiasApplied;
long mAccelBias[3]; //in chip frame
uint32_t mPendingMask;
unsigned long mSensorMask;
char chip_ID[MAX_CHIP_ID_LEN];
char mSysfsPath[MAX_SYSFS_NAME_LEN];
signed char mGyroOrientation[9];
signed char mAccelOrientation[9];
int64_t mSensorTimestamp;
int64_t mCompassTimestamp;
int64_t mPressureTimestamp;
int64_t mGyroBatchRate;
int64_t mAccelBatchRate;
int64_t mCompassBatchRate;
int64_t mPressureBatchRate;
int64_t mQuatBatchRate;
int64_t mGyroRate;
int64_t mAccelRate;
int64_t mCompassRate;
int64_t mPressureRate;
int64_t mQuatRate;
int64_t mResetRate;
uint32_t mDataInterrupt;
bool mFirstBatchCall;
bool mEnableCalled;
struct sysfs_attrbs {
char *chip_enable;
char *power_state;
char *master_enable;
char *dmp_firmware;
char *firmware_loaded;
char *dmp_on;
char *dmp_int_on;
char *dmp_event_int_on;
char *tap_on;
char *key;
char *self_test;
char *temperature;
char *gyro_enable;
char *gyro_fifo_rate;
char *gyro_fsr;
char *gyro_orient;
char *gyro_fifo_enable;
char *gyro_rate;
char *accel_enable;
char *accel_fifo_rate;
char *accel_fsr;
char *accel_bias;
char *accel_orient;
char *accel_fifo_enable;
char *accel_rate;
char *three_axis_q_on; //formerly quaternion_on
char *three_axis_q_rate;
char *six_axis_q_on;
char *six_axis_q_rate;
char *six_axis_q_value;
char *ped_q_on;
char *ped_q_rate;
char *step_detector_on;
char *step_indicator_on;
char *in_timestamp_en;
char *in_timestamp_index;
char *in_timestamp_type;
char *buffer_length;
char *display_orientation_on;
char *event_display_orientation;
char *in_accel_x_offset;
char *in_accel_y_offset;
char *in_accel_z_offset;
char *in_accel_self_test_scale;
char *in_accel_x_dmp_bias;
char *in_accel_y_dmp_bias;
char *in_accel_z_dmp_bias;
char *in_gyro_x_offset;
char *in_gyro_y_offset;
char *in_gyro_z_offset;
char *in_gyro_self_test_scale;
char *in_gyro_x_dmp_bias;
char *in_gyro_y_dmp_bias;
char *in_gyro_z_dmp_bias;
char *event_smd;
char *smd_enable;
char *smd_delay_threshold;
char *smd_delay_threshold2;
char *smd_threshold;
char *batchmode_timeout;
char *batchmode_wake_fifo_full_on;
char *flush_batch;
char *pedometer_on;
char *pedometer_int_on;
char *event_pedometer;
char *pedometer_steps;
char *pedometer_step_thresh;
char *pedometer_counter;
char *motion_lpa_on;
} mpu;
char *sysfs_names_ptr;
int mMplFeatureActiveMask;
uint64_t mFeatureActiveMask;
bool mDmpOn;
int mPedUpdate;
int mPressureUpdate;
int64_t mQuatSensorTimestamp;
int64_t mStepSensorTimestamp;
uint64_t mLastStepCount;
int mLeftOverBufferSize;
char mLeftOverBuffer[1024];
bool mInitial6QuatValueAvailable;
long mInitial6QuatValue[4];
int mFlushBatchSet;
uint32_t mSkipReadEvents;
uint32_t mSkipExecuteOnData;
bool mDataMarkerDetected;
bool mEmptyDataMarkerDetected;
int mDmpState;
/* added for dynamic get sensor list */
void fillAccel(const char* accel, struct sensor_t *list);
void fillGyro(const char* gyro, struct sensor_t *list);
void fillRV(struct sensor_t *list);
void fillGMRV(struct sensor_t *list);
void fillGRV(struct sensor_t *list);
void fillOrientation(struct sensor_t *list);
void fillGravity(struct sensor_t *list);
void fillLinearAccel(struct sensor_t *list);
void fillSignificantMotion(struct sensor_t *list);
void fillScreenOrientation(struct sensor_t *list);
void storeCalibration();
void loadDMP();
bool isMpuNonDmp();
int isLowPowerQuatEnabled();
int isDmpDisplayOrientationOn();
void getCompassBias();
void getFactoryGyroBias();
void setFactoryGyroBias();
void getGyroBias();
void setGyroZeroBias();
void setGyroBias();
void getFactoryAccelBias();
void setFactoryAccelBias();
void getAccelBias();
void setAccelBias();
int isCompassDisabled();
int setBatchDataRates();
int calcBatchDataRates(int64_t *gyro_rate, int64_t *accel_rate, int64_t *compass_rate, int64_t *pressure_rate, int64_t *quat_rate);
int setBatchDataRates(int64_t gyroRate, int64_t accelRate, int64_t compassRate, int64_t pressureRate, int64_t quatRate);
int resetDataRates();
int calctDataRates(int64_t *resetRate, int64_t *gyroRate, int64_t *accelRate, int64_t *compassRate, int64_t *pressureRate);
int resetDataRates(int64_t resetRate, int64_t gyroRate, int64_t accelRate, int64_t compassRate, int64_t pressureRate);
void initBias();
void resetMplStates();
void sys_dump(bool fileMode);
int calcBatchTimeout(int en, int64_t *out);
extern "C" {
void setCallbackObject(MPLSensor*);
MPLSensor *getCallbackObject();